Testimonials of fanatical Trusty users............
George Dubya
..“TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip is definitely the right tool for the job. I’m sure mine is around here somewhere … I seem to have trouble locating it. I  guess I should keep it in my pocket like Klip suggested. If you roll your own, I recommend you get TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip to help you completely smoke up your valuable roaches..”  
Barack No Drama
..”I get so much pleasure using my TRUSTY roach clip! I’ve had mine since college days.  I still have the one I got when I was at Harvard, and my Trusty still works perfectly.  My friends have told me they wish they could get one also, but Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip has been out of production.  I hear Larry “the Klip” is making TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip again now, so I plan to get some for my stoner friends now that its legal to smoke pot in more than half of my states..”
Donald Boldfinger
..”Where I come from in NY everyone is talking about TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip.  It seems to be more popular than I am.  I can’t explain this.  I think I should get a bunch of them to give as gifts. I’m sure if I give them TRUSTY The Perfect Roach Clip my ratings will  improve.  I keep one in my golf cart, for a quick toke on the back nine. I am happy to recommend TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip to all my ‘base’ and to those fake media people who, I hear like to smoke a lot..”
great day for cannabis legalization
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