Trusty Sales Team    Trusty Sales Collective    Klip’s Sales Krew    Mr. Trusty’s Sales Collective     World Headquarters
Well I hope you’re reading this because you want to join my sales collective.  It is a really important  issue, who makes the rules and why.
I believe in cooperation and equality.  I think I should have those qualities built into the structure of this group of people.  Specifically a group of changing, growing, stoned out individuals.  I am not looking for any crackerjack greedy pushy business men.  I am looking for the kind, caring, helpful, tender individuals who love Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip, and wish to help me make a bunch of money. Really the more money you make the more money I make and the more money I make the more money you make.   Pretty much the job would consist of keeping Trusty in your pocket and showing it to anyone you think would like to join Mr. Trusty’s Sales Collective.
Every person who joins the collective will have an interview with Larry the Klip who will forge a deal that considers your personal needs based on where you are and what you can or plan to sell.
We will discuss who you want to sell to and how much to sell for and how much will be yours based on our mutual understanding and agreement.  Everybody will be happy if everybody is straight with each other.  I will strive for that kind of cooperative planning.  I am a generous guy.
You will have no hours, no quotas, no expectations on my part.  Your success will be totally controlled by you … I will help the collective develop e sales aides and when possible ads, printable  sales paraphernalia … and samples when appropriate.  I will gladly consider any ideas you come up with to further the cause.  A roach clip in every garage.  I don’t know about you, but I believe that the Repeal of Pot Prohibition is nigh.  I believe that the world is ready for Trusty to be reborn.  If you want to be part of a good thing and maybe make a bunch of money … and maybe only have a bunch of fun. It will be well worth it …. for all of us …. everywhere ….if you join us.
Every member of this collective comes from a different place in time and space. You are no exception and I need to know where you’re coming from.  I feel like there are 100’s of millions of customers coming on the scene now and in the fast approaching future. The UN has already recommended changing the rules that were made there at the UN less than 50 years ago. I was alive then.
Just like Alcohol Prohibition got repealed … it looks like world wide pot prohibition is going to be repealed and pot will be cheap enough to be smoked by everyone for a while it least until people start to get tired of it.  Not everyone is a stoner.  But everyone will try and hemp papers will soon be part of our Klip Joint … This is no religious endeavor.  Strictly fun for profit.
I like the name  Mr. Trusty’s Sales Collective    World HEADquarters      Many of you are friends of mine already and I expect to have many more of you become my friends.  Why not?  Get in touch with me and tell me your plan … what’s on your mind … and we’ll hook you up with the collective.