TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip Cigarette Butt Smoking Pipe Hipster Gift Idea  

ensures maximum value output from your expensive Hand Rolled “cigarettes”, joints, spliffs, bombers, reefers, fags, blunts, doobies, biris or bidis,  and or any other roll-your-own herbal smokes.
When they get near their short end and become hard to handle, count on your TRUSTY roach clip butt smoking pipe to help you get the job done.  Good to the very last puff.  TRUSTY is so economical and efficient, it will pay for itself within a few weeks or days.

TRUSTY the Perfect Roach Clip™ Vintage (‘60’s-’70’s) genuine Hippie Clip revolutionary, practical,  handmade by original Berkeley street craftsman/artist/vendor  Larry ‘the Klip’ ( now living in Thailand)
TRUSTY’s exclusive hand’s free finger ring doubles as one of two handles for effortless passing of TRUSTY even in the dark, or to someone behind you, without having to look or worry about your butt coming unglued.
Stop spilling your precious smoke all over the floor or worse burning holes in your party dress.

Never burn your fingers again.  

Perfect for beards and mustaches.

Perfect for riding on your bike or driving the tractor.

Perfect for delicate finger nails (plastic).

Perfect to protect your tender kissable lips from those nasty, painful, hot roaches.

Perfect tool to help you consume every precious morsel of those expensive smoking mixtures.
The vinyl plastic mouthpiece keeps any copper taste from entering your mouth and makes it pleasant to hold the Klip in your teeth when you need to get your hands wet.Perfect gift for your friends who also smoke roll-your-own cigarettes, etc.

TRUSTY, as a gift, is practical, thoughtful, and intimate. New Klips sparkle and are sleek, elegant,  and beautiful to look at, and will be appreciated for many years to come.
TRUSTY is a Party Animal!  Be sure to order plenty, as many ‘friends’ get so spaced out they take your TRUSTY home to live at their house.    (Hey.. its not my fault!)
TRUSTY is small enough to fit in your pocket, and it’s sturdy construction helps maintain it’s rugged, ergonomic shape.
I’m still using an original TRUSTY from 45 years ago.  It still works great, and I love the aged copper patina it has developed over the years. (There are ways to clean yours, if you must)
TRUSTY has passed through many an airport xray machine without a peep, as it is all copper with a little solder, and a vinyl plastic mouthpiece.
You will be blown away by the fact that when you actually use TRUSTY you will agree...  It is     

 ‘The Perfect Roach Clip’                  

You might even say so out loud, and tell your friends where you got yours.  I’d like that.
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