EVERYTHING TRUSTY - How to use Trusty
#How to use Trusty/what is Trusty for exactly?
The recommended use of Trusty is for cigarette butts or roaches. For those who want a cigarette holder or a joint holder I recommend the long elegant cigarette holders like Gretta Garbo used to use. Trusty can hold a whole joint or cigarette, but its far more pleasurable to smoke the cigarette until it becomes a butt. Thats when you need Trusty to smoke up the butt. In a cigarette holder when you get near the end it goes out from lack of oxygen .. that’s what Trusty handles best, where nothing else can.

Many cigarette smokers just toss out their butts. Sometimes I question why, but when you are smoking something precious and expensive that option is too wasteful. When you have your own Trusty you will find out that the roaches are the best part, and far stronger than the rest. Not to say a fresh joint isn’t tasty and wonderful, but you will gain a new appreciation for your formerly discarded gems, the roach.

This 45 year old Trusty is currently holding a whole joint. I keep telling my friend Trusty is a roach clip not a joint holder … but he likes it this way. Its his choice. It works for him.


This 45 year old roach clip is holding a roach that is ready for total consumption in Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip.

You will see when you first put it in the clip that it feels like a whole newjoint. What was getting too small suddenly gets new life and vigor. Trusty will help you make it totally disappear in cool comfort, with style and grace.

This roach in a brand new Trusty is too small to smoke UNLESS you have a Trusty … this roach will disappear in the next toke or two leaving only the tiny piece of paper you see gripped in the clip’s teeth.


All these clips and pics are from my friend Paul in Hawaii. If you have an old clip, take a picture of it, and send it to me with two sentences about your clip and I will send you a brand new Trusty for free, so you can share it with a friend. Or keep it for that second roach that is being passed around. Your pictures will get posted along with others on the website.


Trusty - the perfect klip
Instructions and hints for users…
I.    the  tip of the clip should be just past the edge of the tubing so that the teeth meet on the diameter (the center) about an eigth  of an inch from the flared edge.

II.    The copper “taste” will go away after a few uses . As soon as there is a resin build-up present

III.    You can use either loop as a handle and the small round finger loop makes it convenient to do things while holding your klip.  

IV.    The presence of these two handles makes passing this klip extremely convenient ….especially in situations where it is important to keep your eyes on something else, or in the dark into the back seat

V.    It’s size and durability (indestructable) make your pocket a perfect place to keep it….(it does not set off metal detectors)

VI.    The hardest part of owning a Trusty klip is not losing it. Keeping track of it at a party is difficult…..be vigilant

VII.    Enjoy your Trusty klip and prosper!