Your new Trusty comes adjusted for maximum efficiency.
Here you can see the first Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip I made over 45 years ago. It is adjusted perfectly. It has worked every time, many hundreds of times (understatement) since then.
It needs virtually no maintenance ! 

If your friend should come along and do this to your Trusty…. don’t panic.


It is a simple matter of bending it back to where it was when you first got it. Move it back to look like this:


You can see from my pictures that I prefer to let my Trusty age and I like the look of the copper that way … you might not like the same things as me … there are home remedies for cleaning copper. Look it up on the internet and take off the plastic and soak it. I would try Coka Cola .

So keep your Trusty in your pocket and don’t worry about it …
it is practically INDESTRUCTIBLE !

Here is where I am making Trusty the Perfect Roach Clips in my home in Thailand.