There are two (4) sides to your Trusty. One side is the finger ring that you can put your index finger into, so you can hold the clip with one finger and still use the other fingers to hold something else, like a bicycle steering wheel or the one in the car, and be able to  drive safely with both hands on the wheel, take a toke, and put your hand back on the steering wheel without ever having to take both hands off the wheel. But the other side of Trusty is the side that has the magic.
On the other side, the side with the wire that holds the clip, you will notice the smooth elegant curve to this wire. I work hard on that curve to make it look smooth, but it has an unintended benefit that is... you can actually set/hang your Trusty on the side edge of a glass, or a box, or the ashtray in your car that slides in and out by hanging the clip on the side of the ashtray, safe and sound ready for the next toke.  I have, recently in fact, discovered another surprise after all these years… You can take the clip and slide the wire  through the belt loop on your pants and hang the clip on your belt loop by the clip wire loop, safe and cool and out of your pocket full of cash.
Another, but totally intended benefit is from the vinyl mouthpiece. If you’ve just picked up the roach that was hanging on the ashtray, you are going to need to light it again. At this point you can place Trusty between your teeth and hold onto the wheel with one hand while you clic your bic with the other. Very cool.
You know of course that cigarettes are full of chemical additives some of which are used to keep the cigarette burning, even if you are not smoking it, it keeps burning.  Not so with a joint.  They tend to go out if you don’t keep toking on it. So if you hang Trusty on the ash tray or set it down on the counter or have it stashed on the end of your finger, it will go out which saves your precious  from burning up, ready to be lit again when its time.
PS. the other two sides, side 3 and 4 are the sides responsible for the unintended benefit #1. Its these other two sides that keep your roach safe and out of the wet when you lay it down on your desk or work bench. The unintended benefit here is that the pipe will not roll off the table, the finger ring and the clip wire keep Trusty right where you left it.
And finally, a fourth unintended benefit from Trusty’s design is that you can hang Trusty on a hook, or a nail, etc.  You can even hang it on the window handle in your car … oh, I forgot, no more window handles. They use electric windows now, old man! I spent thousands of hours on the road in my RV driving around the US so I know all the tricks. You tend to learn all about something after 50 years together. Trusty is just that, trusty! If you... all of you... had Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip available to you for the past 40 years, you all would still be smoking joints.
They say they are going to legalize Marijuana here in Thailand very soon.  It can’t be too soon for me. I want a to use my Trusty!