Hip Ted
They call me Hip Ted.  Growing up I outclassed Klip in every category, except getting even. He came out on top even though I bloodied his nose.  He got blood all over my new shirt and my mom saw the blood and beat me up, and then I had to call him and apologize …how humiliating.   Now we’re best friends.  He’s a great guy and I just love the roach clips he makes.  He told me I’m the Greatest Salesman That Ever Lived... period.
You better buy one …. or else,  “Pow, right in the kissuh”
Oneeye Doug
I met Klip in Aiea, Oahu in 1973 when he came from Kauai with my big brother Larry, to buy a fancy guitar. They had this really cool roach clip with them that I wanted to try, but they wouldn’t let me smoke with them because they thought I was too young.  I’ve always wanted one ever since then. Recently I heard that Klip was going to make and sell Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip again. I got really excited and ordered mine right away.  When it arrived here in Texas I was blown away at how cool it was to finally have one.  A dream come true … and now that I’ve got my own and see how great it works, I am going to buy some more so I can send one to my brother Larry.  Thanks buddy.
Hello.  My name is Paul. I was a Navy electronics expert on a submarine. I used to work with Klip at  Klip’s VCR Cleaning and Service on the Big Island in Leilani Estates where the lava is erupting right now as I sit here safe on Maui . Klip gave me the clip you see here nearly 45 years ago. I have been using it daily for all these years.  It has never let me down. It is working as good today as it did the day we broke it in together. If you are still smoking joints, as I am,  Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip is truly a perfect tool for smoking your roaches.  And believe me, I know  about tools.