Many of my friend are already getting older and finding that roaches are harder and harder to hold … Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip has all the extras a roach clip needs to help hold and pass and finish your joint without burning down the house.  It makes it easy to light up againyou can keep Trusty in your teeth (or lips if you haven’t any teeth like me) so you can use two hands to light up and protect the flame from the breeze. You can slip the finger ring on your ring finger and push the wheels on your wheel chair. You could even hook it right on your chair.  I know you think I’m kidding … but this is a real concern if you’re confined to a chair, as many medical marijuana users are. You can’t just put a burning roach in your lap.

I remember the days before Trusty when it was such a giggling mess trying to pass a tiny roach from my two fingers to my index finger to the other persons index finger and then trying to grab it before it falls or falls apart.  It was fun like getting tickled … I really don’t like getting tickled.

I just want to say how happy I am that so many states have now approved the use of Medical Marijuana … or Cannabis as its now more properly called.  It was really tough out there on the street selling roach clips in the 1970’s. I have never liked being called a criminal because I smoked pot. I wasn’t a criminal and I wasn’t even wrong.  Pot is good … Trusty is The Perfect Roach Clip.  I’ve been vindicated.

There are of course, other ways to smoke … I like a little pipe … but if you smoke joints … get yourself a … you will really like this clip … I sold thousands back then. Not one was ever returned and only one or two broke and I repaired them quickly and many of those 45 year old clips are still today in daily service to the people.

If you’re a grower, or somehow have enough to roll huge joints, blunts, cones, machine rolled bombers … Mr. Trusty … that’s me… has just developed Trusty’s Big Sibling …

Big Butt Buster … for smokers who have big butts to handle.  So, if you smoke big butts … look for my new offering to the pot smokers of the world …  Big Butt Buster.   It’s, like … TWICE as Big as Trusty.  Good stuff, that.

Big Butt Buster … available right after Happy New Year starts.  I hope yours is Fabulous .

Mr. Trusty