Hip Klip

Born Again! Authentic, Hippie made, retro roach clip... Resurrected from the ashes
of legal ambiguity … Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip™ .. is available again. This time
to international shoppers online ( Free Shipping )

The original Berkeley street artist/merchant, Larry the Klip is making Trusty the
Perfect Roach Clip™ again. Straight from Berkeley to Hawaii and now in Thailand,
these vintage 1970’s phenomenal butt smoking tools have not been available for 40
years! But due to recent legal actions by progressive governments around the world,
the original maker of this hip clip is once again serving the people,and making Trusty
available again; the only really perfect roach clip ever made.
Attention all…

Hipsters, Hippies, Musicians, Sick people with prescriptions, Recreational users of all
kinds, hand rolled cigarette smokers, party goers, concert freaks, and drive in movie
goers..Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip™ is now available for immediate FREE

shipping to anywhere. You can get your very own clip, or buy several to give as gifts
or to replace the “one that got away”. Shipping from Thailand, but made by an
authentic American Hippie, I am offering various pricing options:

One clip $20

“Economy 3 Pack” for $45 ( $15 ea.) Shipping Included

“Super Saver Sixpack” for $75 ($12.50 ea. )

You can be sure that you and your friends will love this roach clip. If you hand roll
your own, this is the perfect tool to get the most out of your expensive, precious
smoking mixture. (leaves only a tiny scrap of paper in the clip). You will be the envy
of all your friends and they will all want one. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of
the substantial savings from buying more than one at a time. They are perfect
‘stocking stuffers’ , birthday presents, and just loving unbirthday gifts. Its a very Hip
gift that will be loved, and used for years to come. I have one from 45 years ago that
works and looks great.
Here is one from 45 years ago
alongside a new one
From the ‘scrapbook’ Christmas 1973/4 (Larry the Klip on Telegraph Ave.)
From Berkeley I moved to Kauai and lived in
a lush tropical woods with two rivers and a
waterfall, 70 fantastic Lychee trees and 100
fantastic people living in treehouses and other
amazing houses on our 80 acres.

When they tried to evict us we tried to find
ways to come up with the money for a downpayment.
I trained some of my Valley House
friends and we made Trusty clips and took them to Oahu to
the Diamondhead Crater Festival , Hawaii 1974/5

I had a lot of help at the DiamondHead Crater
Music Festival .. that day
Here is one of the Lychee trees at the commune on Kauai called

Valley House

Sitting in a tree like this eating ripe Lychees is a memory I will always cherish.

My friend from Maui, Paul sent me this current Picture of his 45 year old clip still in use.
I keep telling him that Trusty is a roach clip not a joint holder, but he likes it this way and if
he likes it … well who am I to say no ?
Its the perfect tool for smoking roaches

Trusty the Perfect Roach Clip™